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The art of software development.

We believe there are easier and quicker ways to work with technology, without unnecessary obstacles and too much bureaucracy. Our goal is to bring ideas to life or to solve real problems in the best possible way, by developing intuitive and well designed softwares.
After all we believe each software is a work of art, and at Bode we are proud to be the artists behind them.

Our clients

Conta Azul
Smile Flame
Shoot The Shit
Hospital Moinhos de Vento

Some of our projects


The “World’s Worst School” is one of our most experienced projects that remains with us since 2014 <3. What started with just a website to show the current courses and offices, turned into such an amazing project that today has online payments, financial and student management, real time dashboards, online video platform and more!

Dia D Conta Azul

Dia D ContaAzul is an event for accountants looking to self-improve in the face of market changes. The main goal was to enable administration autonomy in the website and we delivered that in record time while also delivering the customer experience of viewing and registering in the events.


O Appzinho é um site de classificados de imóveis para começos felizes. É a humanização do atendimento imobiliário. Ele permite que pessoas que querem alugar um espaço, alugar um quarto ou mesmo dividir o aluguel encontrem-se na plataforma. O Appzinho foi implementado com todo amor e carinho pelo time Bode, e o melhor de tudo: sempre estamos abertos para mudanças (sejam em software ou em casas mesmo né?).

Sala de Conversa

Sala de Conversa

This dashboard was a partnership between Globo, Cappra Data Science, and Bode. The focus is to show the engagement and interactions of Rede Globo’s viewers on social networks and customer relations center. We developed crawlers that search and treat this information, showing them in 6 52-inch screens at their Media Center Station in Rio de Janeiro. Watch the video.



A weekend project that worked out. We are the first and largest website for order tracking and notification from Brazil. In it we apply everything we believe, from using the latest "cool thing" in technology to integrations with new systems and even artificial intelligence. Oh, and all of this for more than 1.440.000 people which we can never forget that: came to us organically. Kudos Flecha (@muambator)!

Presos em Curitiba

If you buy overseas on the internet, you are familiar with the problem of your package being “parked” in Curitiba. On a very crazy Friday we created a website that shows how many packages are waiting for the day to be sent to their owners in that charming city. Oh, and you can help your stuck package by sending a snack or a cig to him... Except when they are lost to the security capybaras…

Presos em Curitiba

Our customized e-learning platform that is already a favorite of some of our customers. Automated product pages, financial and customer control , integrated payment and more, always with the right style for your business.

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